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The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France – L’Escargot Anglais (The English Snail) by Edmund Platt and Natacha Neveu is an interactive eBook, on this page you will find all the links available in the footnotes of the book. 🇬🇧 Buy the eBook in English

  Introduction – Why the English Snail?

1 YouTube: L’Escargot Anglais – The English Snail 2017 (French & English Subtitles) Edmund MrBin Platt

2 Instagram: Hugues Pieto @dontfuckmyplanet

3 YouTube: 1 DĂ©chet Par Jour / 1 Piece of Rubbish – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #1

4 Le Grand Saphir – Une RĂ©volte Ordinaire (Documentary in French)

Imago TV: Le Grand Saphir (Documentary in French)

5 YouTube: France 3 Toutes Régions: 1 Piece of Rubbish: a brilliant and simple idea born in Marseille (YouTube : France 3 Toutes Régions : 1 déchet par jour : une idée simple et trÚs sympa née à Marseille)

YouTube: Marseille 1 Piece of Rubbish per Day (YouTube : Marseille 1 DĂ©chet Par Jour)

6 Le Parisien: More than one in three French people throw their waste out of their car window (Le Parisien : Plus d’un Français sur trois jette ses dĂ©chets par la fenĂȘtre de sa voiture)

7 Usine Nouvelle: European plastics industry will differentiate itself through quality, according to PlasticsEurope (Usine Nouvelle : L’industrie europĂ©enne du plastique se diffĂ©renciera par la qualitĂ©, selon PlasticsEurope)

8 Danwatch: How much water does it take to grow an avocado?

The Guardian: How much water goes into producing our food and drink – in pictures

9 YouTube: L’Escargot Anglais – The English Snail – 1 Piece of Rubbish

  1 – Do you eat kebabs?

1 La Provence: The Tour de France of Citizen Initiatives by Eddie Platt, the Englishman from the Basket (via Dailymotion) (La Provence : Le tour de France des initiatives citoyennes d’Eddie Platt, l’Anglais du Panier (via Dailymotion))

2 Citeco66: Environmental Guard (Citeco66 : Sentinelle de l’environnement)

3 L’IndĂ©pendant P.-O.: Collect Waste English Style, One Per Day and Per Person (L’IndĂ©pendant P.-O. : Ramasser les dĂ©chets Ă  l’Anglaise, un par jour et par personne),3030795.php

4 Une marche pour l’environnement: ‘A walk for the Environment’ in the Press (Une marche pour l’environnement dans la presse)


5 Téléstar: Tour de France 2014: 14 Million Goodies to be Won on the Routes! (Téléstar : Tour de France 2014 : 14 millions de goodies à gagner sur les routes !)

  2 – Illegal Hitchhiking

1 KilomÚtre Net: an association whose mission is to make the roads in the Pyrénées Orientales cleaner (KilomÚtre Net : une association dont la mission est de rendre plus propres les routes des Pyrénées Orientales)

2 YouTube: Water in Marseille – Wash in 1 Minute Challenge Marseille 7.6.16 Marseille Edmund Platt

3 YouTube: L’escargot anglais 2017 – The English Snail

4 Andorra Difusió: How to change the world by picking up just one piece of rubbish a day? (In Catalan) (Andorra Difusió : Com aconseguir canviar el món només recollint una peça de brossa al dia?)

5 Diari d’Andorra: The Power of Small Gestures (In Catalan) (Diari d’Andorra : El poder dels petits gestos)

6 YouTube: L’escargot Anglais – The English Snail – Fred and Chris French Pyrenees – Edmund MrBin Platt

  3 – Drunken Midwives

1 Business Insider: A nano-coil barely bigger than one billionth of a meter in width

2 WWF: Revealed: plastic ingestion by people could be equating to a credit card a week

3 Plastic Oceans: The Facts – “More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year.”

  4 – Dumpster Diving

1 Imago TV: Propaganda, the Creation of Consent (Documentary in French) (Imago TV : Propaganda, la fabrique du consentement)

2 The Great Nurdle Hunt: Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billions are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our shores

3 France Nature Environnement: Food Waste: Definition, Stakes and Figures (France Nature Environnement : Gaspillage alimentaire : définition, enjeux et chiffres)

4 European Parliament: Food Waste: The Problem in the EU in Numbers [infographic]

  4bis – Link to France

1 YouTube: Business English Marseille Aix – Cours Anglais Marseille Aix – Marseille Anglais Cours

YouTube: The Turning Point – STEVE CUTTS

  5 – Morning Glory

1 Plastic Soup Foundation: The World’s Population Consumes 1 MILLION Plastic Bottles Every Minute

2 YouTube: #1 Tomorrow I Throw on the Floor No More, #Tomorrow I am no Longer a Tosser (YouTube : #1 Demain Je Ne Jette Plus Par Terre #Demain Je Ne Suis Plus Un Connard / Connasse)

  6 – Refugee Carpool Karaoke

1 Facebook: ReDeSa – Objective: alert, report, reduce the presence of waste in the environment, whether on land, coast or sea (Facebook : ReDeSa – Objectif : alerter, dĂ©noncer, rĂ©duire la prĂ©sence des dĂ©chets dans l’environnement qu’il soit terrestre, littoral ou marin)

2 IMOS: The IMOS company is developing a new generation of multi-mission oceanographic vessels adapted especially for scientiïŹc activities and ocean surveillance (IMOS : La sociĂ©tĂ© IMOS dĂ©veloppe une nouvelle gĂ©nĂ©ration de navires ocĂ©anographiques multi-missions adaptĂ©s aux attentes des activitĂ©s scientiïŹques et de surveillance de l’ocĂ©an)

3 World Animal Protection: 10 Facts You Should Know About Factory-Farmed Chickens

4 T.E.O. Taho’e Eco-Organisation: The ocean is our fundamental right, let’s preserve it together (T.E.O. Taho’e Eco-Organisation : L’OcĂ©an est notre bien commun, prĂ©servons-le ensemble)

5 YouTube: Ed « 1 Piece of Rubbish Per Day » at the Francofolies of La Rochelle (YouTube : Ed « 1 Déchet Par Jour » aux Francofolies de La Rochelle)


6 RFI: A history of the Jungle in Calais 1999 – 2016 [In pictures]

La Croix: The main migrant camps in the north of France since 1999 (La Croix : Les principaux campements de migrants dans le nord de la France depuis 1999)

7 Ticket to the Moon: I just wanted to mention the brand of my ethical and eco-friendly hammock to thank them for supplying me with three hammocks for the trip and future adventures.

8 Asian Institute of Medical Sciences: Benefits of Sitting on the Floor while Eating

  7 – Lovely Gay PĂątĂ©

1 Les Pismigueurs de l’Île de Batz: Awareness of the overconsumption of plastics and its damage (Les Pismigueurs de l’Île de Batz : Sensibilisation Ă  la surconsommation des matiĂšres plastiques et ses dĂ©gĂąts)

2 Oliver Ridley Project: What are Ghost Nets?

3 Made in Marseille: How the ‘1 Piece of Rubbish’ phenomenon landed in Plus Belle la Vie (Made in Marseille : Comment le phĂ©nomĂšne “1 dĂ©chet par jour” dĂ©barque dans Plus Belle la Vie)

4 Ouest-France: The anti-waste crusade of the ‘English snail’ (Ouest-France : La croisade anti-dĂ©chets de « l’escargot anglais »)

  8 – Naked Vibes

1 The Independent: Pornhub wants to save the world from plastics. Unfortunately, the campaign isn’t what it seems

2 The Atlantic: The Environmental Cost of Internet Porn

3 Exodus Cry: A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on PornHub

Exodus Cry is committed to abolishing sex trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation while assisting and empowering its victims:

  9 – Fuck Me, I’m Famous

1 Bruzz: British litter activist visits Brussels (in Dutch) (Bruzz: Britse zwerfvuil activist doet Brussel aan)

10 – Freakin’ Love Lille

1 Vozer: After cleaning Marseille, Edmund Platt arrives in Lille with #1pieceofrubbish (Vozer : AprÚs avoir nettoyé Marseille, Edmund Platt arrive à Lille avec #1dechetparjour)

2 La Voix du Nord: LILLE An ‘English Snail’ wandered through the streets to collect waste (La Voix du Nord : LILLE Un «Escargot anglais» s’est baladĂ© dans les Rues pour ramasser les dĂ©chets)

11 – Free Heroin

1 The NY Times: Why biodegrable isn’t what you think

2 La Voix du Nord: Berck – An ecological challenge is launched to the inhabitants (La Voix du Nord : Berck – Il lance un dĂ©fi Ă©colo aux habitants)

3 Association Nature Libre: act for the planet (Association Nature Libre : agir pour la planĂšte)

12 – Champagne a Go-Go!

1 i-Boycott: Coca-Cola: The Plastic Disaster and Pillaging of Water (i-Boycott : Coca-Cola : Le DĂ©sastre du Plastique et le Pillage de l’Eau)

2 The Guardian: More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, says Ellen MacArthur

3 L’Avenir: 8,000 km by hitchhiking to make a stand against littering (L’Avenir : 8 000 km en stop contre les dĂ©chets sauvages)

4 YouTube: L’Escargot Anglais / The English Snail – Arlon – Belgium

5 QTC: Top 10 World’s Largest Food & Beverage Companies in 2018

13 – Bloody Kleptomaniac

1 Facebook: Carole Dieschbourg

2 RTL: Pay better attention to the cleanliness of our planet (in Luxembourgish) (RTL: Op d’PropretĂ©it vun eisem PlanĂ©it besser oppassen)

3 WORT: Edmund’s Challenge: « Capable of picking up 1 Piece of Rubbish per day? » (WORT : Le dĂ©fi d’Edmund: «Cap de ramasser un dĂ©chet par jour?»)

4 Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain: Edmund Platt’s Challenge, the English Snail in Metz (Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain : Le dĂ©fi d’Edmund Platt, l’escargot anglais Ă  Metz)

14 – WTF France

1 Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain: Thionville: Pick up 1 Piece of Rubbish per day, that’s the challenge set by Eddie (Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain : Thionville : ramasser un dĂ©chet par jour, c’est le dĂ©fi lancĂ© par Eddie)

2 APSIS Emergence: Environment: a small gesture for nature (APSIS Emergence : Environnement : un petit geste pour la nature)

3 Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain: Thionville: a small gesture for nature (Le RĂ©publicain Lorrain : Thionville : un petit geste pour la nature)

15 – Over My Dead Body

1 YouTube: The English Snail – Hitchhiking 8,000km to pick up trash throughout France (YouTube : L’Escargot Anglais – 8 000 km en stop pour ramasser les dĂ©chets autour de la France)

2 YouTube: Henriville L’escargot Anglais / The English Snail – Edmund MrBin Platt

16 – Le Grand Minimum

1 52 Climate Actions: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair & Recycle

17 – Knicker Sniffer 

1 Facebook: COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions

18 – You Poor Fuckers

19 – Fucking English Teacher

1 YouTube: Business English Marseille Aix – Cours Anglais Marseille Aix – Marseille Anglais Cours

2 YouTube: McDoculé #Burger_Addict

3 Facebook: Airbeeseed

4 France 3 Auvergne RhÎne-Alpes: 1 Piece of Rubbish: the people of Chamonix have accepted the challenge (France 3 Auvergne RhÎne-Alpes : 1 Déchet Par Jour : les habitants de Chamonix ont relevé le défi)

20 – Water Boys

1 YouTube: Le Refuge des Aiglons

2 QZ: The Secret to Keeping Moms

21 – Knife to Meet You

1 Facebook: Video of Laurent « Lolo » Lombard in 2015

2 YouTube: Pollution COVID-19 MĂ©diterranĂ©e – ecolombard06

3 Facebook: Opération Mer Propre

4 Facebook: Pollution – I said No – to encourage cleanup actions (Facebook : Pollution – J’ai dit Non – pour encourager les actions de nettoyage)

22 – Your Girlfriend!

1 La Provence : Edmund Platt : « Ramasse tes déchets ou je ramasse ta meuf »

2 Facebook: DĂ©chet ZĂ©ro & Co

3 La Provence : La Ciotat : 21 000 mĂ©gots ramassĂ©s lors de l’apĂ©ro zĂ©ro dĂ©chets

23 – ChĂąteauneuf-les-Merdes

1 France 3: It was Operation Stop the Cig Butts at the Beach in Palavas on Saturday (France 3 : A Palavas ce samedi, c’Ă©tait opĂ©ration stop les mĂ©gots sur la plage)

2 Facebook: Ocean Protection France

24 – Jacques’ Women

1 Phys Org: Football pitch of rainforest destroyed every six seconds,commercial%20crops%2C%20researchers%20said%20Tuesday.

2 Demain Le Film: Travel the world of solutions

25 – Media Frustration 

1 YouTube: La Gaule d’Antoine – Antoine helps to clean Marseille! (YouTube : La Gaule d’Antoine – Antoine aide Ă  nettoyer Marseille !)

2 Dailymotion: 90′ EnquĂȘtes – Marseille between luxury, misery and delinquency (Dailymotion : 90′ EnquĂȘtes – Marseille Entre luxe, misĂšre et dĂ©linquance)

26 – Veggie Burger 

1 YouTube: Konbini – Inside the hell that is pig farming (YouTube : Konbini – Dans l’enfer des usines Ă  cochons)

2 Cowspiracy: The film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see!

            YouTube: Cowspiracy – with French Subtitles

3 Imago TV: Le Grand Saphir

27 – Raining Cats and Dogs in Paris

2 Facebook: Demain (le Film) les actions Ă  Rueil-Malmaison

28 – Reality TV Numbasses

1 Instagram: Jessica (the Instagram numbass)

2 Primarni – Combining discount store Primark with designer store Armani

3 Sustain Your Style: What’s wrong with the fashion industry?

4 LCI: What is dropshipping? (LCI : Qu’est-ce que le « dropshipping »)

Stéphane LaRue: These TV reality stars are mocking you with drop shipping (Stéphane LaRue :  Ces candidat(e)s de téléréalité qui se moquent de vous avec le drop shipping)

5 Instagram: Your Stars in Reality (Instagram : Vos Stars en Réalité)

29 – Join the Joyride

30 – Falling in Love

1 Instagram: Explore #FinditFillit

31 – Wine O’clock

1 Le Journal: The English Snail is picking up the Chalonnais’ trash (Le Journal : L’escargot anglais vient ramasser les dĂ©chets des Chalonnais)

2 Big Max Creation: Interactive shows and concerts for children (Big Max Creation : Spectacles & Concerts interactifs pour enfants) 

3 RĂ©mi Camus: French explorer committed to the preservation of this precious resource, water.

4 YouTube: L’Escargot Anglais on ChalonTV Info

32 – The Dirty Bastards

1 Rob Greenfield: Earth’s Messenger for Green Living

2 CBC: ‘Knight in Vancouver’ completes 100 days of garbage pick up

3 Les Valoristes Bourguignons: Recycling in service of integration (Les Valoristes Bourguignons : Le recyclage au service de l’insertion)

33 – Footballers’ Millions

1 The 18: Antoine Griezmann Sponsors and Endorsements

2 YouTube: Guy starts dance party, Sasquatch music festival 2009

3 YouTube: 1 DĂ©chet Par Jour / 1 Piece of Rubbish – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #1

Les Perles de La CĂŽte Bleue – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #2


Team Malmousque – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #4

Project Rescue Ocean – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #5

Une Marche Pour L’Environnement – S.E.A. SHOCK EDUCATION ACTION #6

34 – On est des Français

35 – Unconscious Balloon Releasers

1 Instagram: @b.ordures_de_loire

2 Le Journal du Centre: Cleanliness in Nevers, an Englishman Sets the Challenge, Are You Capable of Picking up 1 Piece of Rubbish a Day? (Le Journal du Centre : PropretĂ© Neversois, un Anglais vous lance un dĂ©fi : ĂȘtes-vous capable de ramasser un dĂ©chet par jour ?)

3 Beachapedia: Plastic Pollution Facts and Figures

36 – Memory Loss

1 Huffington Post: This Is How Much Water It Takes To Make Your Favorite Foods

37 – I’m Not Fucking French

1 Madame DuPont: The llamas and alpacas of Madame DuPont’s farm

2 Trip Savvy: 24 Fun Facts About Llamas

3 UN Environment: Beat Plastic Pollution

38 – Old OrlĂ©ans 

39 – Party’s Over

1 YouTube: France 3 Marseille: The English Snail Comes Out of His Shell (YouTube : France 3 Marseille : l’escargot anglais sort de sa coquille)

2 BBC: Marseille Attack: Two Young Women Stabbed to Death

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L'Escargot Anglais - The English Snail

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